Portfolio Category: Sedation Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry

Hospital dentistry may include dental treatment under general anesthesia. The patient is sedated under the supervision of an anesthesiologist and his/her staff. During this treatment, the patient is put completely under anesthesia. A respirator is required to breath for the patient during this completely sedated state, and the patient's reflexes are totally inhibited. This treatment…
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Oral Sedation

Anxiolysis includes the administration of pharmocological agents (benzodiazepines) that will relax the patient. These drugs (sometimes called tranquilizers) relax the patient in such a manner that he or she may fall asleep during treatment. A pulse oximeter is used to measure the patients heart rate and oxygen saturation during sedation. A reversal agent can be…
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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Also known as laughing gas, Nitrous Oxide is used for sedation in the office. Nitrous oxide, always supplemented with oxygen, provides an anxiolytic effect usually relaxing the patient. The patient maintains consciousness and is able to respond to stimuli during the administration. Local anesthesia is usually used during this treatment.
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